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A High Class Joint is a locally owned and operated dispensary that aims to be your trusted source for all your recreational cannabis needs.
Our goal is to provide our customers a truly “High Class” experience as they navigate through our store and browse our extensive list of cannabis products and accessories.


The most hyped Weed Spot in NY & USA right now Offering Best Weed Strains…
It’s a trusted source, lifestyle brand for all your recreational cannabis needs bound and determined to bring you the finest and quality marijuana strains. Founded in 2017 by the parent cannabis company, Mr. Wave has never fallen short of delivering the best in quality. The business model remains the same; bring you, our valued customers the quality you deserve. Where to buy weed in nyc | nyc dispensary | Buy Weed online with NO RISK | How to get weed | How to buy weed.

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Live Simply Enjoy Quality

Mr Wave Weed is a High Class locally owned and operated most hyped Weed dispensary in NY & USA right now offering only the best Weed Strains...In turn not add any more complications into what is already a difficult world we live in. So sit back and enjoy, keep it simple.
Where to Buy Weed in NYC

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Free express shipping on orders over $180.  Simple and Convenient

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All of our products are curated to give you the best smelling/looking/quality flower.

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Our shipments are packaged with odor-proof bags and generic packaging.

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Where to Buy Weed in NYC

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